Molte persone credono nel trasformare rifiuti e spazzatura in pezzi di opera d’arte.   E ‘possibile anche, grazie al numero di artisti che trovano ispirazione in grandi opere d’arte che sono fatte di spazzatura. Sayaka Ganz è un artista di 33 anni che sa come convertire spazzatura in  belle opere d’arte.

Many people believe in turning garbage and junk into pieces of art work. It is possible too, thanks to the number of artists who find inspiration in great works of art which are made of junk too. Sayaka Ganz is a 33 year old artist who knows how to convert junk into beautiful pieces of artwork.

Ha usato cucchiai e forchette in modo da creare cavalli al galoppo.Molte delle sue opere a vote hanno richiesto mesi e mesi di lavoro per essere concluse,tutto questo è arte……

She has used spoons and forks in order to create galloping horses that look better than any sculpture that I have ever seen. She has also created pigeons, dog, eagle and fish using various types of junk. They are such complex pieces of art work that some took almost 9 months to be constructed using wire mesh.

They cost £7,000 and above for each of them and I would say it is more than appreciated that she could create something so beautiful as these pieces of art work. If you have horses in your dreams, you might want to buy a man instead of these lovely pieces of art work. However, you could try and substitute the man with this art work, since men are not available for sale, and you could pretty much pick up one at the bar!